I was born in vienna/ austria, on november 10.
I studied medicine, my dream since i was a little girl was to become a surgeon.
when my father died I had to support myself, and worked on the side in a restaurant and in realestate.
halfway through being a doctor, I needed to invest more time to study, so working as a model to pay for school came quite handy.
more money in less time but then everything came different ...

taking pictures at the F1 tracks of austria and hungary for "puma" was just a start, catalogues like "Meindl", "bonne prix" and campaigns such as "H+H" followed and soon i found myself living in hamburg, athens, milan and bangkok...

i did very well as a model.

when i got to choose to work in new york, versus australia, i didnt have to think for long, i crossed the atlantic and started to work in the usa...

i want to thank my clients for their trust in me, 
the photographers for their creativity, 
my agents for their support, 
and my family, for their love, that they are always just a phonecall away...

Sincerely, yours  



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